Columbia River, Washington

IMG_4548Going through the tunnel from Chelan is one of the things I love about driving to Wenatchee, because of this great view of the Columbia River as we exit the tunnel and go down the hill.


Pattaya, Thailand


This is the Redemptorist Church in Pattaya, the only Thai-style Catholic church in Thailand, and also the prettiest I’ve ever seen. The front and back are covered with porcelain and mirror tiles, there are even plates and bowls, giving it a very distinct look. Well, actually, it uses many elements that make me love Thai architecture. This was our favorite place to hold student leadership training and community service activities. It was really hard to take a full shot because it is in surrounded by trees and other buildings within a compound that is now part of Ray Resort, which is offers accommodations and facilities for conventions, workshops, and training.



Pattaya, Thailand


comm_service 044

comm_service 048

This is the notorious Walking Street of Pattaya, a coastal city about a couple of hours by bus or car from Bangkok. It is arguably the reason why Pattaya is often referred to as Thailand’s “Sin City” and “Sodom-by-the-Sea.” But Pattaya has many sides, and I will show this for the next few days.

Dry Falls, Washington


The nice thing about Washington, my husband’s home state, is that it has trees and forests, as well as deserts like this. He actually grew up around Lake Chelan in Central Washington, the dry part, and this place is only about an hour’s drive away. As the name indicates, there used to be waterfalls here — 10x bigger than Niagara and perhaps the largest in the world, and the flow from the falls was 10x those of all rivers in the world combined, but this was during the Ice Age when catastrophic floods. (Wikipedia)