Jingle Truck

I love Pakistani trucks, and enjoy photographing these “jingle trucks” — so called because of the sound they make due to the old coins and chains that hang from their bumpers. Of course, I have a weakness for “art on wheels” because I grew up in the Philippines, which has colorful jeepneys although they’re not as lavishly decorated as the trucks, buses, and mini-vans seen in the streets and highways of Pakistan.


3 thoughts on “Jingle Truck

  1. I loved your blog. This photo is amazing. You really have a talent for taking photos. I’ve been to Thailand before and you capture the country so wonderfully!


  2. A superb peace of photograph. This jingle truck pic is as much fascinating as the people who drive these “huge brides”. I believe you have read our post on Pakistani trucks which appeared in ma blog titled “Wonders of Pakistan”. I would love to see more such photographs of Pakistani trucks if you have a chance to photograph them once again.

    Nayyar Hashmey
    Editor Wonders of Pakistan Blog

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