Pattaya, Thailand


This is the Redemptorist Church in Pattaya, the only Thai-style Catholic church in Thailand, and also the prettiest I’ve ever seen. The front and back are covered with porcelain and mirror tiles, there are even plates and bowls, giving it a very distinct look. Well, actually, it uses many elements that make me love Thai architecture. This was our favorite place to hold student leadership training and community service activities. It was really hard to take a full shot because it is in surrounded by trees and other buildings within a compound that is now part of Ray Resort, which is offers accommodations and facilities for conventions, workshops, and training.




Pattaya, Thailand


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This is the notorious Walking Street of Pattaya, a coastal city about a couple of hours by bus or car from Bangkok. It is arguably the reason why Pattaya is often referred to as Thailand’s “Sin City” and “Sodom-by-the-Sea.” But Pattaya has many sides, and I will show this for the next few days.

Manila, Philippines


Traffic vendors are my favorite, but also most frustrating subjects to photograph. One would think it’s easy to take snapshots from a moving vehicle, or through tinted, smudgy windows. For this one we actually rolled down the window and our driver “whistled” at the vendor so he would look in our direction.

Clark Quay, Singapore


Taking a stroll along Singapore River at sunset is one of the highlights of our brief (3 days) visit to Singapore. You really have to prioritize what you can do given such a short period considering the many attractions in this teeny island city state. We did Universal Studios in Sentosa Island first, of course, and then the Singapore Zoo for the benefit of our 4-year old. Both my husband and son preferred to remain indoors to recharge their energies when I decided to hook up with my cousin who gave me a walking tour of Clark Quay capped by dinner at the famous Lao Pa Sat food center. I’m glad I did!

Krabi, Thailand


Phra Nang is either a princess or a fisherman’s wife, but fishermen in this area dedicated to her one of the caves on this beach, turning it into a shrine where wood carvings of penises are offered for a good catch. There must be over a hundred there now, the pile seems to grow when we first visited it in 2005 and again in 2006. Besides, that I love Phra Nang beach in Railay because it is secluded, small, and quiet … at least at that time … except for short moments when boatloads of tourists stop by to gawk.