Vienna, Austria


This shot of a section of the Danube Park (Donaupark) was taken from the Danube Tower (Donauturm), the tallest free-standing structure in Austria. The view of the city — its modern and historical parts and parks from the viewing deck is really something.



Matheran, India


This is a hill station about 2 km from Mumbai. Vehicles are not allowed, so you either hike/walk, or ride one of these rickshaws. The place is unique, monkeys roam freely, unafraid of people and ready to grab food. It’s often covered in mist and there are many lookout points with spectacular views.

This Little Pig

Every time I see babies I just couldn’t help reciting “This Little Pig” while playing with their toes. So it comes as no surprise that I would just go crazy over my own baby’s cute little feet.