Stone Mountain, Georgia


Here are three views of Stone Mountain, “the world’s largest exposed granite monolith,” and the world’s largest bas relief featuring three heroes of the Confederates: Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee, and Jefferson Davis. It is also a park and during our visit we enjoyed some of its family oriented attractions like the train ride, duck amphibious car/boat ride, ropes course playground, barn play area, and of course, the Skyride and walk at the top of the mountain. It’s just an hour from Atlanta.


IMG_3271 IMG_3260


Lake Chelan, Washington


My husband’s hometown in central Washington. He grew up a few blocks from the lake, and after two years of being away I am looking forward to visiting it again this summer. It is likely that this time our visits will be more frequent, perhaps on weekly or monthly basis once we find a job and home in the state.

Best Decorated Locker


This is the most gorgeous locker I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen many horribly, messy, unorganized ones). Check out the shag carpet and chandelier. Unfortunately it ran out of batteries. It belongs to a seventh grade student at the international school where I currently teach. She is half-Nigerian and half-Russian, and she is one of the smartest, maddeningly talkative, funniest student I had the privilege of teaching for two years.

Manila, Philippines


Traffic vendors are my favorite, but also most frustrating subjects to photograph. One would think it’s easy to take snapshots from a moving vehicle, or through tinted, smudgy windows. For this one we actually rolled down the window and our driver “whistled” at the vendor so he would look in our direction.

Rawalpindi, Pakistan


The Raja Bazaar in Rawalpindi — a short ride from Islamabad — is a fun, chaotic place to explore. I would have taken more photos, bought more stuff, and thoroughly enjoyed the tour if I wasn’t so concerned about getting lost. The biggest headache is finding a place to park. So our driver simply dropped us off a corner and we all agreed to meet back there an hour or two later. Easier said than done. I almost got left behind when I took this picture of the nuts and dates shop a few meters from where we were dropped off. That’s why I don’t have good shots after this.