Dry Falls, Washington


The nice thing about Washington, my husband’s home state, is that it has trees and forests, as well as deserts like this. He actually grew up around Lake Chelan in Central Washington, the dry part, and this place is only about an hour’s drive away. As the name indicates, there used to be waterfalls here — 10x bigger than Niagara and perhaps the largest in the world, and the flow from the falls was 10x those of all rivers in the world combined, but this was during the Ice Age when catastrophic floods. (Wikipedia)


Lake Chelan, Washington


My husband’s hometown in central Washington. He grew up a few blocks from the lake, and after two years of being away I am looking forward to visiting it again this summer. It is likely that this time our visits will be more frequent, perhaps on weekly or monthly basis once we find a job and home in the state.